After The Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami

William Horsley, former BBC Tokyo correspondent and bureau chief: broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Broadcasting House, 20 March 2011

This radio essay was broadcast on Sunday 20 March, nine days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami off the coast of the Tohoku

The Bundesbank’s Doctrine of Discipline

Broadcast on the BBC World Service Business Daily programme 1 February 2011

For the Federal Republic of Germany, sound money is seen as a precious birthright. In 1948, amid the rampant inflation of the old Reichsmark that followed the end of the

Japan eclipsed by China?

Japan is hosting world leaders but is it still a key global player?

You can read the original article on the BBC News Website here

At the 21-nation summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (Apec) in Japan this weekend,