After The Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami

BBC Radio 4, 20 March 2011

So many thousands of lives lost, and millions disrupted; Japan’s mighty engines of industry stilled, and widespread anxiety and fear of what damage and death lies ahead from the nuclear menace.

Special hearing on The State of Media Freedom in Europe

On September 12 2011, William Horsley will address the special hearing on The State of Media Freedom in Europe in the Swedish Parliament, Stockholm. (Event arranged by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe).

The Initiative on Impunity and the Rule of Law

[The] Political Aspects Study, [analyses] the nature of alleged climates of impunity in terms of political and judicial processes, the impact of formal and informal channels used to seek compliance with international norms and commitments, and alternative future courses of action at national and international level.

The Bundesbank’s Doctrine of Discipline

BBC World Service, 1 February 2011

For the Federal Republic of Germany, sound money is seen as a precious birthright. And the modern Bundesbank, when it was created in 1957, was given powerful tools to defend the stability of the D-Mark: strict independence from the politicians in holding down inflation and setting interest rates.

Japan eclipsed by China?

Japan is hosting world leaders but is it still a key global player? You can read the original article on the BBC News Website here At the 21-nation summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (Apec) in Japan this weekend, … Continued

Getting at the truth of Sri Lanka’s civil war

BBC College of Journalism website, 26 July 2010

Who cares – especially when governments make it hard or dangerous to get the story? Should the Western media be doing more in places like Sri Lanka?